Swiss publishing house elk drives online business by switching to Magento 2

AAP Software Development has delivered a fast and mobile-friendly webshop for the Swiss publishing house elk, a leading publisher of supplementary teaching materials.   The focus of the elk publishing house is on supplementary teaching materials for primary and secondary schools in German-speaking Switzerland. In addition, there is an extensive range of learning and school … Continued

AAP Lehrerwelt GmbH

AAP Lehrerwelt is the parent company of AAP Softwaredevelopment d.o.o. AAP Lehrerwelt offeres specialist information for teachers. AAP is the abbreviation for its three publisher brands Auer Verlag, Aol-Verlag and Persen Verlag. AAP is based in Hamburg and also has an office in Augsburg where the ideas and concepts are developed which are brought to … Continued