German publishing houses switching from Magento 1 to Magento 2

AAP Software Development has implemented a fast and mobile-friendly webshop for each of the three publishing brands Auer Verlag, PERSEN and Scolix of AAP Lehrerwelt GmbH.


AAP Lehrerwelt GmbH offers specialist information for teachers through its three brands Auer Verlag, PERSEN and Scolix. The offer includes teaching materials, subject-specific work materials and guides in digital and print versions as well as video clips, short teaching units for download and digital, paperless worksheets.


The aim of the shop migration was to offer customers a modern shopping experience with a smooth user experience. Technically, the three shops were converted from Magento 1 to Magento 2, with all customer and product data being transferred. Another challenge was that a new publishing brand was launched in the course of the shop migration and the former publishing brand AOL-Verlag was rebranded to Scolix. AAP Software Development carried out the migration and realised the project with the help of agile development methods, which resulted in high flexibility, efficiency and quality.

Thanks to the successful migration to Magento 2, AAP Lehrerwelt GmbH was able to successfully launch the three new webshops. Together with AAP Software Development, the three publishing brands Auer Verlag, PERSEN and Scolix are constantly working on the further development of the new webshop.


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