The KLETT Group

Since its humble beginnings as a locally oriented publishing house with a small print shop, the organisation has evolved into an education company that operates around the world.

The portfolio includes both traditional and state-of-the-art educational media for day-to-day use in schools, as well as lesson planning materials, specialist literature, and the classics. In addition, the Klett Group operates many educational institutions, ranging from day-care centres and schools to attendance-based and distance-learning universities.

Klett´s efforts are all about ensuring the quality of the products and services provided. To achieve this aim, Klett follows the principle of decentralised organisation: This means that the business units in Germany and other countries align their activities with their respective customers and develop their own strategies and suitable innovative offerings to meet local requirements.

In its role as a strategic holding company, Klett AG supports and promotes the endeavours of its affiliated companies and provides funding where necessary. It does not dictate their actions or act on their behalf. Klett’s overarching focus makes the dynamic among its companies and profit centres essential, and vice versa. The decades of success the Klett Group has achieved prove the effectiveness of this strategy.


In 2018 Klett generated a turnover of  750 Mio. EUR with 6.641 employees in 18 countries.

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